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If you are interested in a Hans Mayer Music for Kids concert please call (612) 845-2269!
OR, e-mail hans now!

"A Hans Mayer concert . . . fun, fantastic, energetic, silly, squeals of laughter, singing by all present, bodies moving and everyone having a great time!"

- Peggy Green, West Salem Elementary School


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This performance was AMAZING - our children, parents and staff are still singing Hans's songs well after his departure (and asking when he'll return again)! All 350 students were mesmerized during the concert - singing, clapping, dancing and smiling the entire time. Hans Mayer's visit is easily one of the best assemblies that we've had in my 8 years as principal, especially since he also incorporated lessons about reading, Earth Day and good manners - he is well worth the investment! ~ Regina L. Siegel, La Crosse (WI) School District, Supervisor, School Counselors and Social Workers




About Hans Mayer and his children's music


New Hans Mayer collection is now available! Silly Biz: Hans Mayer Favorites features 22 tunes and millions of laughs!

Hans has gathered together 22 of his most popular songs from his first eight family/kid CDs that will keep your family giggling, singing, and jumping for joy. It's all here, from the ever popular trademark song, "My Brother Eats Bugs" (yes, his brother really did eat bugs and the principal really did send home a note to Hans' mom about it) to the number one requested tune at school gigs, "God Bless My Underwear." As on any Hans Mayer CD there are a lot of silly songs to get the giggle meters going: "One Hug" (its always the kissing sounds that set the kids into fits on this one), "Look at Me I'm An Airplane" (that airplane motor sound that Hans and the kids make is a sure fire way to create contagious laughter), "Baby Sitter" (a fantasy song about pulling pranks on the hapless baby sitter - don't try this at home), "When I'm Feeling Silly" (no description needed), "See You Later Alligator" (a tune that contains the silly rhymes that kids learn every generation), and several other the top laugh getters about ants having picnics, monsters that are only imagined (but are still scary), and a Christmas rap about wrapping it up. Now available on CDBaby (in CD or download versions) and coming soon to iTunes and other music download sites. Hans' CDs are always available at concerts, too.

Did you ever eat bugs? Dig for worms? Jump in puddles? Fight with your siblings? Well, Hans Mayer did - and he hasn't forgotten the feeling! His ear-tickling, infectious music captures the tales of real-life childhood and brings it all back to life with an irresistible sense of humor. Hans' mellow voice and accomplished playing (guitar, mandolin, bass, and Native American flute) adds to the musical feast.

His albums are hits with kids, parents, grandparents and teachers. In 2008 his Funny Little Creatures CD was selected as a Parents' Choice Approved Title and as a 2008 Children's Music Web Award Winner. It's Our World: The Green Album was selected as the 2009 Green CD of the Year by the Creative Child Magazine Toy Awards and as a 2009 Recommended Title by the Parents' Choice Foundation and is currently a finalist for the Independent Music Awards Children's Album of the Year. Silly Biz: Hans Mayer Favorites has won a 2010 Parents' Choice Recommended Award!

For a humorous look at childhood, Hans' Funny Little Creatures CD gives his audience the unforgettable tales of real-life childhood including splashing in puddles, stomping your flip-flops, digging for worms, making friends, fighting with siblings, playing with sock monkeys, and getting stuck in the mud. There are just some things about being a kid that remain the same through time - and Hans makes those things the ingredients of this album.

For families and educators looking for a musical introduction to environmental awareness, Hans' new CD fits the bill. It's Our World: the Green Album is a sometimes rollicking, sometimes gentle, introduction to the concept of green practices that take care of our planet. Kids (and parents) will be singing along with Hans on tunes about solar power, wind power, farmers markets, clean water and air, habitat, playing outside, and appreciating and caring for our world. The band includes acoustic guitar, mandolin, and upright bass, with a sometimes blue-grass, sometimes reggae flavor to the songs.

Families often wear out their CDs from constant use - and buy more copies for their families and friends. More than one adult has thanked Hans for writing music they can listen to over and over again (because the kids can't stop playing it)! Give yourself a gift that unites the generations - with humor, insight and beautiful music!



Hans Mayer's Bio



Hans knew when he was five years old that he wanted to play the guitar, but it took until he was twelve to convince his parents to get one for him. Lessons went along with the guitar, but they didn’t last - the teacher wanted Hans to go in a classical direction, but he was already playing by ear all the songs he wanted to play off the radio and albums. Hans started writing almost as soon as he could play cords and once his younger brother Kit had learned to play guitar, it was the start of a series of bands fronted by the brothers, playing a mix of originals, Southern Rock and reggae influenced tunes.

By his early twenties, Hans and Kit and their band, Northern Comfort, had moved to La Crosse in Southwest Wisconsin (it was where the tour bus broke down). A beautiful river town on the Mississippi, La Crosse was also a great college town that provided dedicated fans for their bands Dr. Scholl’s Revenge, Blind Baby Olin and the Workbenches and Jawbone. It was during the early part of their stay in La Crosse that Hans played and toured in a duo with folk musician / singer / songwriter John Smith.

After playing in bands for several years, Hans began touring and recording (playing bass guitar) with Native American Artist, Bill Miller, who he had met when they both lived in La Crosse. Miller was in demand all over the country and they played from one coast to the other, including all the big festivals (Michael Martin Murphy’s West Fest, the Philadelphia Folk Fest), national TV (Austin City Limits, The Today Show), a tour with Tori Amos and an appearance at the Ryman Theatre in Nashville (original home of the Grand Old Opry). Hans can be heard on Miller's “Raven in the Snow” (1995), "Hear Our Prayer" (2000), "A Sacred Gift" (2002), “Spirit Rain” (2002) and "Spirit Songs: the Best of Bill Miller" (2004) CDs. “You are the Rain,” a tune co-written by Mayer and Miller (and appearing on the “Spirit Rain” CD) was selected by Rick Schroder for the soundtrack of his film, “Black Cloud.”

Hans’ involvement in children’s/family music began with a request to write a theme for a public radio show for kids. The theme music proved so popular that he was asked to create more music for the show and for kids in general. Hans teamed up with storyteller and writer, Frank Gosar, and they co-wrote some of Hans’ most popular songs including, “My Brother Eats Bugs.” Frank is currently a popular public radio host and potter in Oregon.

In the late nineties Hans began to tour and record more extensively for kids and families - although he has always continued to record and perform for adults. Hans has also written, performed and produced two instrumental albums for the adult audience: “Nana’s Waltz” and “Eastsound” on which he plays guitar, mandolin, bass guitar, and Native American flute. His current band, Hot Sauce, was featured on his award-winning children’s recording, “It’s Our World: the Green Album” (2009). The group is currently working on a new recording of Hans’ original songs.

Hans’ CDs for Kids/Families:

Instrumental CDs:

Hans’ CDs for Adults:






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