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If you are interested in a Hans Mayer Music for Kids concert please call (612) 845-2269!
OR, e-mail Hans now!

"A Hans Mayer concert . . . fun, fantastic, energetic, silly, squeals of laughter, singing by all present, bodies moving and everyone having a great time!"

- Peggy Green, West Salem Elementary School

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Hans Mayer's Concerts and Programs



Hans Mayer plays infectious, catchy, acoustic based original music with a slice of bluegrass, a tinge of reggae and a little bit of swing. People of all ages are immediately attracted to his playful personality and his true-to-family-life songs. His award-winning albums for families are hits with kids, parents, teachers and grandparents.

Hans has been a crowd pleaser at festivals, fairs, theaters, colleges, conventions, schools (K-6), libraries, children's museums, and on radio and television. He is also a frequent performer at fund-raisers for family related causes. His performances include songs with guitar, mandolin, and Native American flute.

Selected past performances include: Tucson Folk Festival, Milwaukee Summerfest, Woody Guthrie Festival (OK), Camp Abilities (NY), and Big Top Chautauqua (WI).

Concert themes include:

  • funny songs for good times
  • playful preschool humor
  • holiday tunes
  • environmental awareness

Call (612-845-2269) or e-mail Hans for pricing (discounts are available for multiple bookings). Click here for Hans' performance agreement.






Hans Mayer's music performances always receive lots of positive reviews and attention. Here is a sampling of some of the comments Hans has received.

  • "Hans Mayer captivated our students and staff with his original music and terrific sense of humor. His performance is child-centered in both subject matter and presentation. Hans knows what children care about, what they feel and how they respond to music. Our students laughed and sang along. They felt the music. For the first time in my teaching career, I witnessed spontaneous standing ovations from children. The enthusiasm and joy were genuine. Hans Mayer is an artist. He is a professional in every sense of the word. His timing and control methods with large groups was phenomenal! Organizations that are striving to bring quality role models to their students should put Hans at the top of the list. Irving Pertzsch Elementary School has done just that."
    ~ Jeanne Rhodenhizer from Irving Pertzsch Elem. School in Onalaska, WI

  • "The lyrics of his songs are extremely clever and amusing for children of elementary school age. They also provide ample opportunities for audience participation, broadening the overall experience of those present. Hans Mayer possesses an ability to excite young people while still retaining a sense of calm and focus. He utilizes dynamic changes as well as changes in tempo to hold the audience in a "what's going to happen next" frame of mind. I would recommend Hans Mayer to any elementary school as an enrichment opportunity for its students. The chance to meet a living composer is always beneficial for young people." ~ Todd Saner from Harry Spence Elem. School in LaCrosse, WI

  • "I am very impressed at your ability to keep all the kids interested for 45 minutes and still begging for more. (You even got a standing ovation.) From the introduction to "My Brother Eats Bugs," to the big audience participation at the airplane song, and until the final "encore," the audience was entertained and enthralled by your music and your sense of humor." ~ Francisco J. Lloveras from Kids in the Crossroads at Madison Civic Center - 1997 Champion of Children, Children's Museum of LaCrosse

  • Marc Wehrs: How Hans Mayer can trump Dylan:
    "I had every intention of having a serious conversation with Hans Mayer."


    "My daughter Lilith received Mayer's 1997 CD, "See You Later Alligator," last month for her fifth birthday, and it has hit the CD player more times than anything else since."

    "Lily's so thoroughly enchanted by the wholesomely subversive lyrics, the playful melodies, the wry observations about life as a kid that I was incredibly jealous: Was Hans Mayer replacing me in Lily's heart?"

    "I got over it and became a little more reflective. I asked myself, "What's it like to create a CD that, a dozen years later, is still captivating young hearts and minds?" And Mayer is no one-hit wonder: "Alligator" is just one of seven award-winning children's recordings."

    "So I called Mayer to ask how it feels to make music that lasts, to do good work that has a positive impact on children. But when you talk to the guy who penned the lyrics, "Say it, don't spray it, that's my name, don't wear it out" in "See You Later Alligator" and whose "God Bless My Underwear" has been a staple of Coulee Region children for a long time, things don't stay serious for long."

    "He was delighted that Lilith loves his music but was very modest about the idea that he knows the secret of doing good work that lasts. The best he could offer on that topic was the fact that he always has known what he wanted to do."

    ""It's in my blood," he said from his home in Malmo, MN "I knew when I was 5 years old that I wanted to play guitar and I wanted to sing.""

    "He said of the recording of "Alligator" that "it had an energy about it," an energy he hopes to find yet again for his latest children's project, "It's Our World." "

    "The environmentally themed recording should be available come April and will feature local musicians Wayne Beezley on mandolin, Larry Dalton on upright bass, Dan Sebranek on guitar, Cody Appel on keyboard, Terry Nirva on drums, and all of them, plus Mary Cortesi, doing some vocals. Students at Irving Pertzsch Elementary School in Onalaska are working on cover designs and might sing on the CD as well. Mayer is the producer."

    ""It's Our World" will include such songs as "Fields of Windmills," "The Green Song" and "Down at the Farmers' Market." The songs are the result of Mayer's collaboration with his wife, Carol Erickson, and longtime friend Markie Pendleton."

    "My teenagers thought it was cool that part of my job is catching up with people like Hans Mayer and finding out what's happening next. They were little ones when they first heard Mayer at West Salem Elementary School."

    "But catching up with Mayer was more than that to my younger children. As far as they're concerned, a chat with Bruce Springsteen or Bob Dylan would be a letdown if instead you have a chance to talk to Hans Mayer."

    "Thanks for the music, Hans, and thanks for my latest earworm … "Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, think I'll eat some bugs.""

    MORE INFO: Hans Mayer's children's music is available at the Children's Museum of La Crosse, The Red Giraffe in Onalaska and Deaf Ear Records in downtown La Crosse, which also carries Mayer's music for adults. All of it is available as well at Mayer's Web site; which includes samples of his music, CDs for sale and a performance schedule."
    ~ Marc Wehrs, Posted in Columnists on Thursday, February 12, 2009 12:00 am





Hans Mayer Promotional Photo - Cricket

Hans Mayer Promotional Photo - Shark

Hans Mayer See Ya Later Alligator

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Hans Mayer Dinosaur

Hans Mayer Promotional Photo - Read

Hans Mayer's Band Hot Sauc

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Hans' Band, "Hot Sauce" with Wayne Beezley on mandolin, Hans Mayer on guitar and mandolin, Dan Sebranek on guitar, and Larry Dalton on upright bass.

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