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If you are interested in a Hans Mayer Music for Kids concert please call (612) 845-2269!
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"A Hans Mayer concert . . . fun, fantastic, energetic, silly, squeals of laughter, singing by all present, bodies moving and everyone having a great time!"

- Peggy Green, West Salem Elementary School


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Hans Mayer's New Album: Silly Biz: Hans Mayer Favorites

This album has received an Independent Music Awards Nomination!

It's done! Silly Biz: Hans Mayer Favorites is loaded with 22 of Hans' most popular songs that will keep your family giggling, singing, and jumping for joy. It's all here, from the ever popular trademark song, "My Brother Eats Bugs" (yes, his brother really did eat bugs and the principal really did send home a note to Hans' mom about it) to the number one requested tune at school gigs, "God Bless My Underwear." As on any Hans Mayer CD there are a lot of silly songs to get the giggle meters going: "One Hug" (its always the kissing sounds that set the kids into fits on this one), "Look at Me I'm An Airplane" (that airplane motor sound that Hans and the kids make is a sure fire way to create contagious laughter), "Baby Sitter" (a fantasy song about pulling pranks on the hapless baby sitter - don't try this at home), "When I'm Feeling Silly" (no description needed), "See You Later Alligator" (a tune that contains the silly rhymes that kids learn every generation), and several other top laugh getters about ants having picnics, monsters that are only imagined (but are still scary), and a Christmas rap about wrapping it up. Not only do the kids relate to Hans' silly tunes but they love his songs about every day experiences like reading ("Reading Really Rocks"), helping with chores ("Mama's Little Helper"), getting up in the morning ("Good Morning" and "Start Again"), staying in the yard ("Neighborhood Cowboy"), and being a thoughtful kid who thinks about other people ("There's More") - all songs manage to be musically beautiful as well as warm, entertaining, and parent and grandparent approved. All of the songs are delivered with Hans' warm tenor vocals and a spirited acoustic mix (bass, guitar, mandolin, Native American flute, banjo) by a talented group of musicians (with some extraneous noises thrown in for good measure).

Available at CDBaby (in CD or download form) and in the coming weeks on 20 other music download sites including iTunes. Lyrics are available on the lyrics page of this site and you can download a free song from the download page. Silly Biz: Hans Mayer Favorites has won a 2010 Parents' Choice Recommended Award!




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Hans Mayer | P.O. Box 1674 | La Crosse, WI 54602-1674
(612) 845-2269 |
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Parents' Choice Recommended Award Winner Nominated for Best Independent Compilation Album of the year